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During Volunteers' Week, we want to thank you, our amazing volunteers, for all you do for our young people and communities. In 2024, you’ve already achieved so much, but don’t just take our word for it! Watch our video to see all the brilliant things you’ve already contributed to this year.

2023, what a year it’s been!
There’s been so much to look back on with joy, and that’s thanks to our amazing volunteers. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Explore the possibilities of joining our exceptional volunteer team in Sunderland Scouting.

District Training Courses
All the Getting Started Training courses are online training courses. This includes the Mandatory Training Modules. Leaders needing to compete or update these Modules please follow the Links below.


Essential Information (01)
Tools for the Job (Section Leaders) (03)

Tools for the Role (Managers & Supporters) (04)
Trustee Introduction

Durham County continue to do training modules, infomation of which modules are been ran and dates are avalable on the County Training page. were you can also sign up to attend

More information on Training can be found at the Training pages

Scouts made me a do-er

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500 - 6-25 year olds
10 Groups around the City of Sunderland

are every week

Locations of the groups in Sunderland can be view on this Map
Information on how to Join Scouting in Sunderland
Building skills for life

Join today to learn skills for life

Volunteering Skills for life

Develop your own #SkillsForLife, make friends and have fun by volunteering with the Scouts in Sunderland

We currently have vacancies and opportunities for :-

Management Team members, Group Leadership Roles and Parent Helpers as well as Supporters and Trustees

Why not get in touch
Email - info@sunderlandscouts.org.uk

Do more - Learn more - Be more
Volunteer in scouting- contact us at info@sunderlandscouts.org.uk for more information

As Scouts, our commitment is to empower young individuals with essential life skills. We inspire them to embrace more, learn more, and become more.

Every week, we provide over 450,000 young people in the UK with opportunities to relish in fun and adventure while honing crucial skills for success. These encompass teamwork, leadership, independence, and resilience attributes that have propelled Scouts into diverse professions, ranging from educators and social workers to astronauts and Olympians.

Our philosophy centres around unity, celebrating diversity, and staunchly opposing intolerance. As a global movement, we contribute to forging resilient communities and igniting optimistic futures.

Looking ahead to 2024, our goal is to equip even more young minds with life skills. This vision is supported by dedicated leaders who deliver an inspiring program. We aim to expand our reach, enhance exclusivity, be moulded by the perspectives of young people, and amplify our impact within communities. Our identity as a values driven movement is a source of pride, with integrity, respect, care, belief, and cooperation serving as guiding principles.

Scouting offers a diverse array of roles tailored to various interests whether it's direct interaction with young people, leadership management, organizing specific activities, or contributing to the upkeep of meeting places. Engaging with Scouting not only allows you to rediscover the spirit of adventure but also enables you to contribute to your community and enhance your personal skills.

Currently, 550 young individuals actively participate in Scouting in Sunderland each week, spread across groups throughout the city. With your assistance, this number could potentially grow, further enriching the Scouting experience for young minds in our community.

That's not all, you will personally benefit from a variety of interesting and challenging experiences whilst meeting new people and having fun.

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